High gloss edgebending

Edge Band

At Home Deco Corporation,

we focus in providing solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to meet the demands of the market.

We create natural appearance perceptions with our decors in a very high level of brightness. Glossy panels are the perfect choice for the production of modern looking furniture. To this end, we can supply you the perfect matching with the perfect high gloss effect. With the rare brightness and perfect matching with the particleboard, our customers have always expressed their satisfaction of this product as it makes their furniture stand out from those of competitors.

Boyut Plastik Edge Bands are complementary parts of your furniture esthetics through high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and high light resistance.

A353 Teak-2
A380 Samba-2
A394 Zebrano-2
A395 Cordoba-2
A397 Atlantis-2
A401 White Alpi-2
A405 Palisander-2
A412 Arkadia-1
A414 Antrasit Mese-2
A415 Bianco-2
A416 Nevada-1
A418 Light Sapphire-2
A419 Dark Sapphire-1
A423 Sanremo-2
A423 Sanremo-3
A424 Lefkas Mese-2
D140 Stoneware-2
D143 Antrasit-2
F236 Coton Vision-1
F239 Trend Beige-2